The project is no longer supported, registration of new users is closed, all subscriptions will be canceled on December 31, 2023. Thank you for being with us all this time!

How does it work?


Become an Affiliate Marketer with RankActive
Create an account and sign up for an affiliate program. Check out conditions and start an affiliate business with us. Our guidelines will lead you to success.


Promote our best all-in-one SEO toolkit
We’ve got so many great tools for performing competitors analysis, tracking positions, analyzing backlinks, making, keywords research and even more.


Share an affiliate link and track your traffic
Promote on a website, Youtube, Facebook or other social media, or create an Email Campaign. Use our tools to track the link traffic (number of visits, purchases, etc)


Earn 25% commission for each monthly sale by sharing your promo code! *Get 100$+ per month for only 6 referrals! Attract unlimited number of customers!

Why should you start an affiliate business today?

In the world of limited resources time is the most precious one. Time doesn’t care if you’re making any steps to build your future or not. Time is going to pass anyway.

You can spend the whole life imagining ghosts or you can fight them! Take a risk, think long-term! Sign up for our affiliate program, create an advertisement campaign and use our tools to share your knowledge and experience with the world and make a profit!

Ready to earn

What’s cool about an affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Program
  •   You provide a great value to the world by sharing a product that makes somebody’s life easier
  •   You are growing and gaining experience as a digital marketer
  •   Smart work. You are learning a lot of new things and self-improving constantly
  •   Affiliate marketing trains both parts of your brain logical and creative
  •   As your business grows, you can leave your regular job and switch to Internet marketing
  •  We do all the customer support for you. Our support team is open 24/7
  •  We are ready to support thousands, millions, billions, infinity of clients

How much will you earn?

You earn 25% from every purchase your referred customer makes.

In the table below we show your potential earnings if you attract 10 customers (Optimal plan $69.95/mo) every month.

Month Sales commission Recurring commissions from previous months Total earnings
1 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 0 $174.87
2 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $174.87 $349.74
3 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $349.74 $524.61
4 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $524.61 $699.48
5 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $699.48 $874.35
6 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $874.35 $1049.22
7 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1049.22 $1224.09
8 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1224.09 $1398.96
9 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1398.96 $1573.83
10 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1573.83 $1748.70
11 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1748.70 $1923.57
12 10 (sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$174.87 $1923.57 $2098.41



  • Email spam is not allowed.
  • Doorways are allowed.


  • All payments are processed on the 1st day of every month.
  • No holds.


  • We pay our affiliates in US dollars by PayPal or Webmoney.
  • We do not support other payment methods.


  • All you need to start is RankActive account
  • You will find your promo-code and referral link in Affiliates section in your profile menu.

* You get 100$+ per month for 6 clients if they buy a monthly subscription for our optimal plan for 69.95$ according to the formula: N(sales)*69.95 (plan)*25% (commission)=$, where N=6 and 6*69.95 *25% =104.9$ (commission per month)

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