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In-house backlinks database

More than 1 Petabyte backlinks database

Full list of backlinks

Track your website backlinks

Spy on your competitors

Spy your competitors' backlinks

Backlinks intersection

Easiest way to find backlinks opportunities - to find intersection of your competitors' backlinks.

Broken links finder

Find and easily fix your broken links.

Metrics for every page

Detailed metrics for every page

New and lost backlinks

Watch your lost and new backlinks

Referring pages and domains chart

Track the dynamics of your backlinks profile

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Backlinks checker tool - ease your SEO

How can backlink checker help you

Nowadays life is speeding up, Google releases new ranking guidelines and backlink checker tool is something quite necessary for someone who runs ecommerce business. If you aren’t satisfied with your website’s position in Google ranking take a look at your backlinks. If you would like to know ‘how many backlinks do i have’ there is a great number of sites where you can check website backlinks for free. If the number of links is good and position in ranking is bad your solution is the best backlink checker tool. RankActive platform provides backlink checker tool which relies on in-house backlink data base. Worth noting not all backlink checkers have their own data base.
Backlink module allows not only to find backlinks but also provides you with thorough information about them.
Backlinks checker tool enables you to know how many of your backlinks are dofollow and nofollow (search engines don’t take these ones into consideration), what are they - text, image, redirect; if there are any broken links. All the backlink metrics is provided in real time, so you can explore the dynamics of changes over the time. By means of New and Lost backlink parameter you can monitor which backlinks you have gained and which have lost. Moreover, you can see every site containing your backlink. It enables you to make sure that all your backlinks are valuable. Irrelevant backlinks pull your site down in search engine ranking. So it is useful to monitor what sites are linking to you.

Investigate your competitor’s strategy

Besides using backlink checker tool you are informed not only of your site’s backlinks but also of the backlinks of your competitor. You can explore where he gets the backlinks from. This option shows you what field of opportunities you have missed, where you have underperformed. Maybe you should write a guest post in a blog, get involved in a forum or sponsor some local competition. Anyway if you lack ideas what you can do next to boost your business spying on backlinks of your competitor is the very thing.
On the other hand you may discover a surprising amount of similar backlinks. So maybe a competitor is spying on you? And his secret sauce is stealing your backlinks? Then you have to be more creative and do things which can not be duplicated.
To be more cognizant you may decide information about competitor’s backlinks isn’t enough for you then you can use other options of RankActive platform which show you competitors traffic, ranking and keywords but that is another story.

RankActive - as convenient as possible

Also you can get scheduled backlink report straight to your inbox. Besides you can group you report the way you want it. If for the time being you are concentrated upon some specific field and want to monitor the dynamics of changes in it you can generate the report so that it shows only information which concerns you. If focus of your attention varies you can change the settings the way it would suit you. Besides you can set up frequency of your reports. Backlink reports are available in Excel format which provides more opportunities to work with data.
Also you can enjoy mobile version of the platform so you don’t have to be around your PC to check what’s going on with your site. You can monitor your backlinks in real time whenever you are. Actually mobile friendly website is really important if you want to promote your business so if you haven’t done it yet that’s the number one option to promote your business.

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