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How to get traffic to your website

10 June 2016 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

Starting a website its owner, first of all, thinks how to get some love from Google as it has pretty deep influence on the stable flow of visitors. Luckily, there are also other ways to receive traffic, but first of all, let’s sort it out – why is traffic so important?

How to get traffic to your website

Do you always water flowers? I will explain why I asked such a silly question. Let’s pretend that your website is a beautiful and strong flower and traffic is water for it. If there is enough water then the flower will bloom and make you happy. If not, it will just simply die. The same can happen to your website and especially to the goals you’ve set. If there is no traffic you won’t be on the top positions in SERP, you won’t see any conversions and have money. As simple as that.

The importance of traffic is absurdly obvious. Besides the fact it shows you how many visitors you have, the analysis of its sources will help you to understand what brings the most number of conversions, how some channels work and conducting campaigns are going or how to build pages for the user’s convenience. It is one of the key marketing parameters so you must work hard on its health. Traffic also determines if changes, that have been made to your marketing campaign, help to accomplish your mission by giving you insights of which sources bring the most income, the highest rate of conversions or users engagement. This kind of data helps you to detect weak sides of the website and make them stronger.

Now, after the importance of traffic is more than clear, let’s try to understand how to bring more of it to your website?


The well-built website from the SEO point of view always gets visitors and Google’s sympathy. Plus, SEO methods are upgraded constantly.

Long-tail keywords

It is a well-known fact that search engines like long-tail keywords in well-optimized content as they are more specific than their short relatives. They consist of 3 or more words and attract customers which have buying intention. When choosing keywords most of the webmasters prefer less troubleshooting ones, such as 1-3 words. But that’s a popular fallacy because more than 70% of searches are made for long-tail buddies.

If you choose a more complicated way, first of all, make a research to find a longer version of the keywords you want to be tracked. Don’t be lazy though as it is not the final step. Work your best on optimization of the content for the chosen terms.

By the way, using long-tails you can re-optimize existing content. In this case, remember about title tags, URLs meta description and other elements that must be relevant to the new key phrases.


They aren’t just made to let your visitors know what you’ve written. One of their main functions is to catch people’s attention. It is pretty important to use those words that will inspire random users to click on the headline. Trust me, internet users don’t like boredom. There are more chances that your content will be seen and a page will be visited if you add some delicious words.

Meta Description

Those 160 characters that you can see at snippet can be magical. If you use them right to summarize a content of a page then you will be surprised to see the growth of CTR. The description must contain keywords even though they don’t matter much for SEO. They will simply help users to decide if there is a point to click on one of the results.

To get meta description working use the words that reflect the value of the page, make it interesting and tempting. Also, add a call to action and don’t think it’ll be one too many, especially if it is underpinned with powerful description. Never be afraid to test or brighten your meta descriptions.

Social Networks

Social networks can be a great pusher of traffic but only if you use them in the right way.


Facebook, as a social network, is considered to be one of the strongest players on the web. When creating a group take into account that it will be some kind of the battlefield where its members can ask questions, get support, organize the discussion. In such groups, there should always be an action. Regularly share content from a website, point to it at the About page and under profile image. Don’t forget to ask users for an opinion about new products or articles, provide discounts and special offers, in other words, spoil your precious audience.

Make your Updates Short

Your intention is to drive traffic to a website and making ingenious updates will generate the most engagement. The perfect and beguiling update should be made in one sentence and include a link with “Read more” to the relevant page of the site.

How-To Articles

People who follow you on Facebook want not only to see updates of product or service. You’ve become a part of their lives and if there are posts that help them to success in life or improve their work with a step-by-step guide at your site, don’t be shy and share them with facebookers.

Don’t let users miss anything important

By being busy human being you won’t surprise anyone. In such state of life, we often miss a lot of news or interesting posts. As a rule, half of your subscribers will leave the reading of the interesting news till Friday and…will forget that. So it is better for you to make a post where all important news for a week will be compiled. Let it be a list of headlines or images with links to actual posts. Everyone is satisfied – you get traffic, your followers their articles.


Twitter is a well-known platform for the leads generating. It also helps to make up brand loyalty when consumers are committed to the brand and make repeat purchases. Researchers say Twitter helps people to feel closer to the ones they follow there.

So how Twitter can help to bring traffic?

Share carefully

Any tweet should be short as you only have 140 characters. So it is always a challenge to write a perfect and informative post. So when you share anything at Twitter you must follow the same strategy as it was with Facebook – give your followers a chance to taste a post but not eat it. Some intriguing quote from the article will help, especially if it has the flavor most closed to the topic.


Specific hashtags can attract users that are interested in the certain topic. So when someone finds your tweet with tons of information they will 1) retweet and favorite it; 2) go to the website; 3) always use your website as an informative source. Also, it is a great idea to promote a brand by creating an own hashtag for it.


Attach a cool image to a tweet that relates to a post. It can be used instead of a short description and intrigue your followers. Trust me, it will make them want to know more and to click through to the website.

Twitter users with same interests

Even having millions of friends shouldn’t stop you from searching for people who have same interests as you do. Don’t wait till they follow you back – just ask them to. Such people, especially famous specialists from your sphere won’t be so loyal like your friends are. But they will get some traffic from their followers. Of course, the response rate won’t be as high as everyone dream about but it can increase pretty fast. Analyze what the most visited pages are from Twitter and make a little research to understand what is the most attractive there.

Twitter Search should love you

Search function that is provided by Twitter offers real-time results. As most of the users are always hungry for news there is always a great chance to get some traffic from Twitter faster than from Google. Especially in the case if your tweets are popular and easy found by users. It will increase chance to be in Top of Twitter’s news on the certain topic.


Avoid these mistakes:


Ignoring followers. Any of your social feeds are made for your followers. If you don’t care about what they want to know, what they think of what you’ve posted or what they want to see then there isn’t much choice left for them but just simply turn around and go away.

Don’t be a spammer. Always remember about balance. It is a very necessary thing not only in posting but in life as well. Nobody likes to be annoyed so think of creating a smart schedule to not make your readers drown in the posts. One more hint is to try it yourself, imagine if you like it as a user.

Don’t ignore monitoring your results. It helps to see what changes occur after social publishing and if the schedule you’ve used actually works. The first-rate thing to notice it’s if the post activity is increasing or decreasing. Clicks, reposts, retweets, shares, comments all of them clearly show if the things are great or not. Another essential part of the successful building of reputation at the social network is your audience feedback, especially negative one.

Don’t become a victim of the biggest threat when your followers ignore the content. To make sure that things are ok simply watch your click-throughs.


Every time people enter a company name for the website they need they won’t see anything new there, so the audience will be the same that a website already has. They already know what you do and who you are. They are bored, and that won’t help to boost traffic, nope. Thinking about paying for visitors by buying a list of emails or placing tons of paid ads? I wouldn’t advise you to do that, as first is illegal and second is too expensive. Better make a blog.

Your website might have few hundreds of pages but you don’t update them often, do you? By regularly posting some content you regularly get one more indexed page and another opportunity to show up in SERP. Following this way, you will get a fresh flow of organic traffic. Share post to social networks or let your readers spread the word about you by doing that and receive another amount of visitors. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

To increase traffic use next few tips:

    • Promote new blog posts to your email list. Include a link to fresh content and few words to describe it. Make it sound special and individual. If your strategy is built well, you will get not only traffic but also leads and sales.
    • Include links of existing relevant posts on the blog to new posts. The time spent on site, conversions and referral traffic will grow.
    • Guest posting. Choose a blog or website highly-relevant to the one you have to bring in natural traffic. Also, you make new connections with professionals of your sphere or renew old ones with bloggers who once posted at your feed or promoted your blog. Ready to receive inbound links and referral traffic.


As a conclusion, I should say that to bring a stable flow of traffic to your website isn’t that hard if you follow tips about SEO, social networks and blogging that were listed above. Use them separately or all together, always analyze analytics to find your strong and weak sides and in the shortest time gap, you will notice the overwhelming results.

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