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Massive Update on RankActive Brings Amazing New Features

14 February 2018 George Svash Leave a comment WHAT'S NEW

RankActive is ushering a new update, which brings a brand new Keyword Finder with a long-awaited AdWords keyword research tool and a whole set of system improvements.

Adwords keywords planner:now in RankActive!

In addition to already deployed Keywords Suggestions, Similar, Related, and Ranked Keywords we’ve added the Adwords Keywords Planner tool.

This new feature is designed to supplement your keywords list with unique ideas and refresh your SEO game plan.

Let’s play around with this new tool to see how it can help to get better research results.

First, go to the Keyword Finder section on the left and select Adwords Keywords planner in the drop-down menu.

Adwords-keywords gif

You can conduct a research either by a keyword or by a domain name. You may also select a country along with location, or use an international search.

new research

Press Apply when you’re ready to go. The collection of keywords may take some time, but usually no more than 2 minutes. You can check the status in the right part of the table.

Click the arrow before the research date to check out the results.

Adwords-keywords gif

By using the integrated Filter Builder you can “separate the wheat from the chaff” and pick the most relevant keywords.


Then tick the most appropriate keywords and start tracking them in Rank Tracker or add them to the Sandbox.

Keyword finder:Instant results!

From now on you can update the keywords research status on a page without refreshing.

Column Chooser: Quick Search

We’ve enabled a search feature in the Column Chooser of the following tools:

  • Rank Tracker (Detailed View, Side-by-Side view, Day-by-Day view, Relevant pages)
  • Site Auditor
  • Top Analyzer
    column chooser

User events & Account Access: Sorting by time

Looking for a particular event in your RankActive history? It’s never been easier with a time filter implemented in both User Events and Account Access features.

column chooser

Updated Charts: Introducing scale breaks

Scale breaks in Rank Tracker (Won vs Lost Keywords, Ranking Distribution) and Competitors (Traffic, Rankings, Visibility, Backlinks) separate two distinct ranges in the same chart area, so you can get all the visuals at a glance.


Rank Tracker & Keywords: Searching by tags

You can easily find groups of keywords by searching for assigned tags.



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