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SEO Tips: One-On-One Training

25 July 2017 George Svash Leave a comment ALL-HANDS SEO

One-on-one training is probably the oldest form of education used today. This is the way parents taught their children since the beginning of time. Considered to be one of the most effective learning techniques, one-on-one approach became widely known and accepted in the business environment.


Basic principles of one-on-one training were articulated by Charles R. Allen, a Massachusetts vocational instructor, who was asked to develop the concept for training shipbuilders during the World War I. Since there was an urgent need for almost half a million boat builders, training were supposed to be very fast and extremely efficient. In this context, Allen developed an ultimate training program, which came to be known as the “four-step, on-the-job training system.” As you have probably guessed, this system consists of four steps:

1. Showing
2. Telling
3. Doing
4. Checking

Time and time again the four-step system has been used by all kinds of businesses all across the globe. A number of well-established corporations had taken it as the basis for their training programs.

We are happy to announce that alongside with the new upgrade, we have included one-on-one trainings in all our pricing plans!

Just like Allen’s ultimate program, our training has four fundamental steps. Let’s go through each one of them.


The training starts with a Live Demo of the products’ interface and functionality. Our most professional team-members will show you how to set-up an account, add projects to the workflow and showcase basic capacities of the RankActive core features.


At this stage, you will explore a few details that can make the process of your interaction with the platform easier and more convenient. By going through this live session, you will learn how to track your rankings, check keywords’ dynamics and extract data you are interested in. We will provide you with all must-know pieces of information regarding the variety of ranking factors and signals. You are welcome to ask any clarifying questions about the uses of our features and opportunities they can provide to your project.


Try to put obtained knowledge into practice! Under the supervision of our high-skilled experts, you will start working on your project, connect Google Analytics to your account and get first results in just a few clicks. During this part of the one-on-one training, you will test the full potential of the entire range of our products and features. If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.


This is probably the most important part of RankActive one-to-one training. We will go through each section and verify the correctness of the data obtained during the “Doing” part. Our team will help you to troubleshoot and resolve issues that can have a major impact on the precision and accuracy of the results. The goal of this stage is to ensure the completeness of your knowledge and skills, as well as to see if you are able to use the platform without further assistance.

However, if you will find out that you need more than our one-on-one training can provide, we have prepared something really special for you.

Tips from SEO expert

Find it difficult to develop and/or implement a successful search engine optimization strategy? If yes, this option is for you. Our dedicated consultants had been at the origin of the establishment of SEO industry and would be happy to share their extensive experience. Under the supervision of your personal SEO guru, you will go through a number of successful cases and learn how to reach to the top of SERP. All tips are based on the issues of exactly your project and will help you to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your SEO strategy. After the rigorous analysis of your website and your competitors alike, we will formulate a coordinated approach to the online optimization of your project.


  • Are you an experienced user who wishes to learn how to use the full potential of our and features? Our dedicated experts will show you how to get the better of RankActive’s capacities.
  • Or perhaps you are a newbie in SEO, seeking help in the development of the effective online strategy? Your personal advisor will assist in unlocking the hidden capabilities of your project and help you to build inroads into the top of SERP.

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